How to Tell if Your Skin is Environmentally Stressed

The skin is the largest organ on the body. It’s natural that the environment around you is going to affect your skin. This can include the skin on your face or body. Many times the air, the water, and even the temperature around where you live can impact your skin in big ways. So how can you tell if your skin is environmentally stressed? Let’s look at some common environmental issues that affect how your skin behaves, and what to do about improving your stressed out skin in spite of these factors. 

Environmental Factor #1: Pollution

Air pollution can impact the skin in so many ways. When you live in a major city or urban area where the air quality isn’t a pure as it should be, you might notice some changes in your skin. Tiny pollution particles can attack the skin leading to inflammation, clogged pores, redness, and even acne issues. All of these particles cling to your skin as you go about your day. The best way to help combat this problem is to make sure that you cleanse your face each night. It might seem like an easy fix and it truly is, but think about how many times you just fall into bed without completing this important step. Whoops! 

Use skincare to cleanse that is geared towards anti-pollution prevention, like the TyLuxCosmetics Laurel Sunflower Cleansing Creme. This botanical based cleanser with Vitamin C is going to help fight the damaging effects of pollution on the skin. It’s full of antioxidants to fight free radical damage that bad air quality causes. 

Environment Factor #2: Hard Water 

Your water quality can cause issues with you skin. This is especially true if you have hard water problems. Hard water occurs when there are dissolved minerals in the water, including excess calcium and magnesium. They can leave a residue on your skin making it feel dry and flaky with a rough, uneven texture. 

Having the right skincare regimen where you are exfoliating that flaky skin gently on a daily basis can help to improve the texture of your skin. The best way to do this is with the right toner. Using a toner can help to get rid of excess debris or mineral deposits on the skin as well. It’s just a quick step to give you more glowing skin. Try our Rosewood Jasmine Toner each day after you cleanse to help balance out the pH levels of your skin due to hard water issues. This toner also gently exfoliates your skin with a refined fruit acids, like organic pomegranate.

Environmental Factor #3: Allergens

Seasonal allergens in the air can wreak havoc on your skin. High levels of pollen can make existing skin problems worse like eczema or rosacea at certain times of the year. Spring is a big one for seasonal allergies to become a problem. 

Keep using the right skincare, that is gentle and soothing to the skin, to help reduce the inflammatory response triggered by allergens. 


Environmental Factor #4: Low Humidity

Dry air or low humidity can dehydrate the skin. This can be an issue if you live in the western part of the United States, like California or Arizona. That desert air can be relentless on the skin. Day after day of this environment can leave you with dull looking skin that is parched and needing extra moisture.  

The moisturizer you use on a daily basis is going to help fight off dry air. Our Sweet Rubis Moisturizer is chock-full of nutrient rich ingredients that will fight water loss. It also contains nourishing avocado oil and Omega-3 fatty acids to plump up and infuse the skin with botanical based moisture that is going to make your skin feel silky smooth. Use this moisturizer morning and night for best results. 

Environmental Factor #5: Sun Exposure

The sun can be damaging to the skin by causing hyperpigmentation and leading to premature aging in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. Are you noticing little brown spots showing up on your face even if you don’t spend a ton of time outside? Even incidental sun exposure, where that’s the time you spend outside for only a few minutes a day, can lead to sun spots appearing on your face. Of course, you need to wear a daily sunscreen of at least an SPF 30 to help prevent this fact, but there are also serums you can use that will help to correct these dark spots. 

TyLuxCosmetics Sophora Illuminating Serum is the one to try which contains a powerful combination of brighteners. Using this consistently over time can fade dark spots and discoloration. It can also boost your skin’s ability to fight off and repair environmental damage. 

 Skincare With Environmental Power

Don’t let environmental worries take their toll on your skin. You’ll know if it’s stressed out just by the look and feel of your skin’s surface. Then take action with environmentally responsive TyLuxCosmetics skincare. When you fight back with the best in botanical based skincare, your skin is going to have a natural shield against damaging environmental factors.